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Fergus Partnership Consulting Inc. is one of the most experienced international executive search firms for lawyers. In addition, we enjoy what we do. We have been in the legal search and consulting business for over two decades, and have worked with some of the most prestigious US and UK law firms and international corporations.

Fergus has an impressive track record. In every search for which we have been retained, we have been able to identify, recruit and motivate highly qualified candidates quickly and discreetly. We are proud of the matches we have made between outstanding legal talent and top notch organizations. Our clients have come to rely on this matchmaking ability, utilizing our services on an ongoing basis.

At the heart of any organization are its people. Fergus stands out for the caliber of its consultants, the majority of whom are attorneys. We are able to comprehend fully the particular demands of a position, and to find the corresponding traits in prospective candidates. Our professional commitment extends to long range analysis of the market, observing developments beyond day-to-day needs. This unique business perspective permits us to share with our clients the most recent information on legal trends, as well as the availability of skilled attorneys.

Since we have established ourselves as a liaison between outstanding legal talent and current legal needs, we are well positioned to find the best suited lawyers for any given search. Our database covers a wide range of the nation's top attorneys, at every level and in every practice area. Our reputation and unique approach give us access to many attorneys not available through standard job search channels. After all, the most qualified lawyers are often not actively looking for new positions. We know this, and we know them. No matter what position needs to be filled, our consultants know where to look and with whom to talk.

We believe that our strength derives in part from the fact that Fergus is dedicated exclusively to meeting the hiring demands of the legal marketplace. Our business is helping our clients with their personnel requirements, problems and strategy. This focus enables us not only to complete our searches, but also to help legal departments develop in a manner conducive to long term productivity.

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