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Our mission is to find the best attorneys for our clients, efficiently and effectively. Clearly, the best way for us to serve these clients is to recruit candidates who not only will be hired, but also will become long term producers in their new positions. How do we do this? By stressing what we call "fit".

Of course, it is always necessary to identify, recruit and motivate candidates possessing superior qualifications, relevant professional experience and proven academic excellence. Yet we go much further in locating those attorneys who we believe will make a valuable contribution and become significant assets to our clients. Finding that ideal alignment between the interests of both client and candidate is a significant part of what we do. This means learning the culture, systems, plans and patterns of development of the client, and matching them with a candidate's objectives, needs and personal style. It is here that we create our results, and it is here that we find the most satisfaction. When our client hires an attorney who "fits", our client's business is enhanced. Our business depends on it.

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