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We approach every search we undertake through a process designed to focus on the specific needs of our clients, while considering the widest range of potential candidates. The following are the fundamental stages of our search process:

Getting to Know the Client
In order to achieve our goal of the perfect "fit", we develop a complete understanding of our client's needs. At the same time, we  contribute to our client's knowledge of the marketplace by sharing our research on past searches, and evaluating  the applicable candidate pool.  Together we work on creating a profile of the "ideal candidate" consistent with the position requirements.   

Only after developing this candidate profile with the client can we begin the process of locating the right attorney.

The Screening Process
We thoroughly search our database, utilizing all of our accumulated skills and knowledge,  eliminating all but the most qualified lawyers for the job. The fact that the majority of our consultants are attorneys gives us the ability to appreciate subtle distinctions in legal skills and job requirements, and our years of extensive experience have further refined this talent.

Recruiting the Right Candidates
Recruiting qualified candidates effectively and quickly is the hallmark of the Fergus approach. Usually the best candidates are well positioned within their organizations. Our professional approach ensures that these successful individuals understand and appreciate the opportunity offered by our client. This approach sets us apart from other search firms and enables us to attract the most desirable candidates for our clients. We are committed to representing our clients in a manner consistent with their image and objectives.

The Candidate Referral
We carefully interview all candidates identified during the screening and recruiting processes to determine their abilities, depth of practice experience, motivation, short and long term career goals and other intangible qualities necessary to provide that proper "fit" with the client. Only those candidates who most closely match the search parameters are referred to the client for an interview.

Arranging the Initial Meeting
We set up the initial interview, and help both sides prepare for this crucial encounter. We understand the need to draw out concerns and address potential issues - on both sides - prior to any initial meeting. We work with the client and the candidate so that both can effectively communicate what they are looking for and what they have to offer.

Post-interview Consultation
We follow up each client/candidate meeting to elicit comments or concerns, advise on the selection of final candidates, address compensation issues, conduct reference checks and facilitate the hiring process. If and when both sides are convinced that a match has been made, we are ready for the final stage: the extension of an offer and its acceptance. While our knowledge of the client's parameters and of the candidate's goals should prevent most major problems at this stage, there are always details to be completed. In our established roles as intermediary, we can help speed this process to its conclusion.

After the acceptance of the offer, we assist during the transition stage. For example, we prepare the candidate for the resignation interview, handle any counteroffer situations, negotiate an early start date and ensure that the move to the new position is quick, smooth and successful.

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