As international competition for clients and attorneys to service those clients has increased, more and more firms have decided to take a more aggressive approach to controlling their own future.

Mergers can help your firm broaden its client base by giving instant access to a whole range of new clients, bringing in a pool of talent to service your present clients in new or existing areas, and expanding into new geographic areas.

We have successfully advised our clients in evaluating and implementing this growth option.

Our consulting begins at the very earliest stages.
We help law firms determine such key initial issues as the profile of the potential merger partner, its size, practice and client base: and identify potential hidden costs and other crucial contingencies.

When expanding geographically, our research can tell you how other firms have expanded, the strategies they have employed, and the success they have achieved.

Our purpose is to assist our clients in framing a gameplan that will successfully assist them in achieving their goals.

Many firms are stymied when it comes to implementing these new growth strategies. It has been said that it is five times more difficult to implement than to develop.

We can help you put "theory into practice" and will work with you to identify the right merger candidates.

Once a merger candidate is identified, we assist in negotiations and the transfer of proprietary information during the early stages, conduct in-depth interviews to determine the abilities, motivation, and personal characteristics of both parties, and evaluate the prospects for a good "fit".

Our contacts within the legal community give us unparalleled access to the law firms that are appropriate merger partners and the depth of our perspective is unique.

We know which firms not only fit your specific profile in terms of practice, financial, and cultural requirements, but we know which firms are most open to entering into serious merger discussions.

Completing a merger is more an art than a science.
We help you set up the necessary internal committees to perform the due diligence and conflict reviews, put together pro formas, establish time tables, personnel reviews, checklists, management systems, new procedures, and gather the other intelligence to evaluate the feasibility and desirability of the merger.

Ensuring a smooth transition is never easy. We can help you identify potential problems early on and assist in the follow up that is required in any merger.

Each firm must be satisfied that the merger meets its goals and needs. Communication, compromise and finally tact are the skills that are necessary to the success of the new venture.

The right merger can ultimately bring millions of dollars to your bottom line and enhance the professional practice of each attorney at the firm. We have the knowledge, contacts and skills needed to ensure your merger achieved its goals.

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